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Streaming "future?"

Seeing as how their streaming selection is the pits, and they keep losing streaming providers including movies and TV episodes, the "future" isn't looking good.

Right after the price hike, Starz pulled their content.
Netflix is getting too greedy.

I dumped them all together.


Houston, TX

Re: Streaming "future?"

Like i said in one of my other posts about NFLX. The studios/Hollywood/Cable Co were waiting for the day they could sock it too Netflix. The first blow was adding caps to users/cord cutters, hoping they would flee away from HD/Online content etc. Then Starz which sent everything spiraling downward from there. Netflix new this was going to be the case with news like this. So before hand, they decided to restructure their pricing to cap revenue losses due to all the bad news they had coming their way. They knew the backlash of the news to come would be horrible for them. So let's jack up the pricing and recoup our losses with the ones that stay. They also knew the bandwidth caps were going to be killer and that the studios/Hollywood/Cable CO was after their throats. I can go on and on about the obvious. Truth is...Netflix will be sold within the next 18 months to one of the studios/Hollywood/Cable CO and then you can guarantee the pricing heads upwards to cable TV prices ALONG WITH YOU STILL BEING CAPPED and paying overage. STUDIOS/HOLLYWOOD/CABLE CO WIN...CONSUMERS LOOSE

Sedro Woolley, WA
said by abadaba:


You are so right. It's always the same unhappy ending.