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Sith Sideus

Mount Pleasant, ON
reply to FiReSTaRT

Re: Everything MLPPP

i am suppose to be getting 5/0.8 already but unfortunately i only get around 1.5/0.5 which sucks, and unless i can figure out why it is so low and fix it i wont bother with MLPPP since it would cost me way to much to get the upload i need...which means in the end ill be stuck.


ok so i want to try out settign up a mlppp conection but i jsut want to bypass the bell throttle i dont need a multilink.
So what i need is a slppp and so far i have been geting diferent tips on thisregarding what do i need for it.

i have a speedstream 6300 router conected to dsl.

aparently this router cant be used so i need to go get a new router or modem but so far i coudnt understand if i need 1 MODEM and 1 ROUTER...just 1 MODEM or if i can use one of those routers that make it work without a modem(im sorry but my knowledge on internet stuff is BAD )

i can get my hands on a D-link router(or modem..i dont know anymore!!)

basicaly all i wan tto know it...im using a single piece of gear(this speedstream 6300) that works as mdoem and router(i think..at least has other ports and wireless).

for a slppp conection just to bypass throttle what do i need to get? jsut the Dlink will do? or shoud i get a modem+the dlink router?

any modem will do if thats the case?

ohh and i woud also like to know if anyone experienced some improvements playign world of warcraft or othe ronline gaming after starting to use mlppp // slppp....because my conection..speed etc seems fine..its jsut the packet lose and sudent lag spikes that make everythign basicaly unplayble

thanks in advance