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Re: You Better think twice about this Service!!!

A Representative is limited on what they can do, and also just because of the state your in doesnt mean you'll get a representative from there, When a customer calls in and threatens to go to another provider, it doesnt affect us, nothing comes out of our check, we dont get penelized for it, your just a normal customer calling in, and sometimes threatening to go to another provider such as direct tv would only make us laugh, we offer direct tv for customers who cant get fios and the bills we get on behalf of direct tv is outraegous, they only offer 2 yr commitment and give you only a discount for a year and make you suffer for your last year, So understand that your only speaking to rep and everyone in the paticular call center would not get penelized or go home sobbing if you disconnect your service and switch to someone else, so all you would have to do is be polite be nice and understand were human and i can gurantee we'll do the same.
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