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Woodbridge, VA
reply to albie

Re: Netflix's website has become a joke

said by albie:

Netflix does not have a clue. They were very successful but they had no clue to why they were successful. Amazon.com is successful because it provides lots of product information as well as customer reviews. Amazon understands that one of the advantages of online retailing is providing information. The current Netflix website is a skeleton to what it once was. I stayed with the streaming and did not subscribe to the DVD's. Netflix earlier this year did much injury to their community by no longer allowing reviewers to be identified. I visited the website today and they have dealt their website a death blow. There is no information. If you click on a director it now only shows what films that director has on instant viewing. I formerly enjoyed Netflix Instant viewing because you could find some good out of the mainstream non-commerical cinema by clicking and researching the wealth of information that could be had on their site. To find any out of the way gems that there may be on Netflix Instant viewing now requires too much work because one has to travel to other movies databases such as Imdb or TCM. The demise of Netflix will not be about the demise of DVD's as a delivery system for content or the problem with content providers, their wounds will be self-inflicted because they never fully understood their success in the first place.

Reviewers? No one I know that has Netflix ever messed around with that. There was a reason they got rid of it.