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Netflix streaming will become like Amazon On Demand

What is the future of Netflix streaming? The studios will never let Netflix have recent content and movie releases and offer that for a low monthly unlimited use fee. Never! Netflix will have to move to a pay per view to be able to offer recent material. Just like Vudu or Amazon On Demand does. I'm guessing Netflix will offer a basic streaming service for $8 or so a month for the older content (like the free stuff included with Amazon Prime) and for any new TV episodes or new recent movie releases will be a pay per view pricing model. They will have to do it this way, because the studios will not allow Netflix to offer the content any other way. So the future of Netflix will be a bare bones streaming service for $8+ a month and then you can use pay per view for recent content. That's Netflix's future because the control is in the studios hands. With the Netflix DVD mail service, you could at least get new releases via DVD without have to pay per view costs. But since Netflix wants only streaming for the future and shed the dvd-by-mail service , then pay per view is the only option for new content they'll be able to provide. The studios will not have it any other way. So expect a pricing structure very similar to Amazon On Demand for Netflix's future.