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Heave Steve, for the good of the country

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Re: VPS shopping any ideas?

1) Look for port speed - some only give you 10Mbps burstable to 100, others are 100Mbps flat.

2) RAM & CPU - some places give you a hard cap on RAM, others will burst RAM usage to 1.5-2.0x the base amount...though if you consistently get into the boosted range they will suggest the next package up ($$$). Some places will dedicate an entire core to a VPS instance, so you get consistent performance.

3) Decide what's more important to you - bandwidth or disk space - lots of VPS packages skim on one in favour of the other.

4) Biggest issue I find with hosting of any type is availability of direct communications with something other than a clueless Level-1 call-taker when there are problem needing resolution. A voice connection is worth paying for vs. e-mail/ticket system-only forms of communication.