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This is a sub-selection from Sigh...always a few cheap scates.


reply to ToiletMint

Re: Sigh...always a few cheap scates.

"You should have read your contract" is typical B.S. to expect from companies like XO. I have dealt with auto-renewal issues for numerous clients and involving numerous carriers. XO's contracts are the most customer unfriendly and the sleaziest that I have dealt with. It's not a simple matter of reading your contract. It is a matter of deciphering XO's creative deception that they call a contract. You won't find the automatic renewal clause in the Terms and Conditions of the paper contract they give you. You won't find a mention of Early Termination Fees (ETF) in a logical place such as the Term clause. You will find, instead, in the Complete Agreement clause a URL to a website that has additional binding terms and agreements. The auto-renewal and ETF policy are needles in that haystack. The entire Complete Agreement is designed to bury any customer-empowering information under a pile of arcanely organize verbosity. Ultimately, the purpose is to retain business undeservedly by depriving customer of their right to shop the market. Class action suits have been won against Sprint and Verizon for automatic renewals and ETFs. XO is long overdue for its class action suit.
This is a sub-selection from Sigh...always a few cheap scates.