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Corpus Christi, TX
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This seems like a good thread to ask my question in. So here it goes, any input would be greatly appreciated.
Okay, I have a field office in the middle of Texas, originally we got regular 'ol DSL. AT&T screwed up and had us on a higher tier than our distance would allow. Over 6k feet, @ 6 down and .5 up I think. They tell me my choices are to down grade, or I could try an IP DLSAM(uverse) connection. Well naturally my connection was already slow and I could really used the extra .5(really .3) upstream increase I decided to try the IP DSLAM. Motorola modem only. My connection seems to much improved over the previous DSL connection. The one major problem I'm having is I can't connect to my network drives on my server in Oklahoma. With the old DSL when it was up and didn't error out too much I could at least connect to my drives briefly. I have them mapped by IP Address, and had put my file server in the DMZ and created a rule to allow all file sharing no matter the credentials with no luck. This is all while being connected directly to the modem, no router involved on one end. Full access to the one on the other though. Any other internet connection i connect to(there are two open wifi connections in the area) I have full access to all my network drives and have no problem authenticating on the domain. My IP of the server i'm connecting to is, the Motorola has a factory(seemingly permanent) IP of Which I thought the 7 to be a little strange(non standard) but didn't think would matter. Any thoughts at all? AT&T 360 Business support was absolutely no help.