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Chesterland, OH
reply to muzzymate

Re: Getting a CableCard and Tuning Adapter

said by muzzymate:

two different local offices in the Cleveland area

Did you try the Division Dr. office, off Tyler in Mentor ?
As of one week ago,had plenty


Cleveland, OH
Thanks for the info ChillyCat. I'll be sure to remember that in case one of my Tuning Adapters goes on the fritz again (jammed power button; why does the Tuning Adapter need a power button anyway?)

I tried the offices in Cleveland Heights and North Olmstead.


Chesterland, OH
said by muzzymate:

why does the Tuning Adapter need a power button anyway?)

"IF".......you follow the installation guide to the letter :

-you're supposed to hook up the coax and then the power plug
-then automatically you'll see the led begin to blink, suggesting
all the software programming is being installed.
-then the led should stop blinking,loading of data is complete
-then you should call CS and tell'um yer ready to go. They'll
then smack some keys on their puter and you should be good togo
-ONLY then do you push the ole pwr button and pray it lights up.
Sometimes it does.....and then again, it just might not.
[Push button again.....maybe] This procedure has been the PITA in the past. It's better now

Once all this nonsense is done, you just finish the installation wizard and yer stuff might work.
Actually, this process has become allot less hit-n-miss than it was just a year ago.
I make allot of fun of the installation process, because the first goaround was comedy of errors beyond belief

I got schooled pretty quickly, hauling my premier back-n-forth to Florida. Same issues between
comcast and TW...even tho the TA's were both cisco's. I've since turned several [7] folks onto
TIVO and therfore have become the in-home tech advisor to blue hair'd seniors from Ohio to Florida.

OH YEAH......."why does the Tuning Adapter need a power button anyway?"

I dunno. Cisco really don't know. I've done it both ways [pwr button on/off].

OH YEAH......."why does the Tuning Adapter need a power button anyway?"

Maybe there really is no answer [?]

OK, i'm done spending one heck of allot time, discussing somthing
so stupidly simple. There probably was no need for a button.
Possibly Cisco was hoping to help out some family of 6 makin' the buttons

Suit Up

Los Angeles, CA

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reply to muzzymate
The Motorola tuning adapter I got doesn't have a power button. It took me a few tries before I finally figured out the proper sequence to get it to load up though (pretty much similar to what ChillyCat laid out: coax, then power, wait for blinking to stop, plug in usb). No thanks to the phone support guys (they claimed it only works with TiVo... ha!).

I also had one problem where the tuner wasn't getting the channel listings from the cable card, even though it showed up as authorised and activated. Thanks to SiliconDust tech support, found out they needed to send a DAC Init aka cold hit. Called them up and they did that and bob's your uncle.