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San Jose, CA
reply to 88615298

Re: Acceess to rights is the key

said by 88615298:

Hollywood tried to kill off the VCR. Which is why I find this all ironic. Hollywood thinks Netflix is killing off their home video business, but if Hollywood had won and killed off the VCR their home video business wouldn't have ever existed anyways.

Hollywood always thinks some new technology is going to kill their business. First TV then cable TV, then the VCR and EVERYTIME it has done the exact opposite. You'd think after 65 years they would have learned by now.

Unlike back then however if Hollywood think holding onto their content will make people buy DVD they are mistaken. Give people less options and they'll just use torrents and such. Apparently Hollywood wants to turn a whole generation in pirates instead of paying customers. Something the music industry learned far too late and still hasn't recovered from. Hey Hollywood SOMETHING > NOTHING. Simple math.

Yeah, archaic institutions are fucking annoying. They need to get with the times and put movies on the interbutts rather than movie theaters. I dunno about you, but I hate fucking going to theaters. Messiest fucking shitholes to watch a movie. I am sure people would gladly pay the normal ticket price to watch movies from the comfort of their homes.

The music industry is a terrible joke, the artists make more by being their own label. I think I may have more respect for the movie/tv industry.