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Pleasanton, CA

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Merced, CA

I do

Fixed margin blowout. ~sorto'

Bah Humbug
The Boro
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Re: No multiple upload channels here yet - California

If you absolutely have some uncontrollable urge to use hot-linked images:

»Site FAQ »How wide can an uploaded graphic be?

Using Image Tags for Linking Off-Site
Any graphic wider than 700 pixels linked off-site using [img] tags will not be resized, and it will blow out the right margin of the posting window. The extended margin will affect the entire posting page, and it can render the thread difficult for you and others to read. If this occurs, mods will edit the graphic to include a "width" statement, changing the graphic size. Please be considerate of others when posting images.

Otherwise, try this:

»Site FAQ »How do I post attachments and screenshots?
»Site FAQ »Inline Images in Posts

Not all of us have 36" 1920 x 1600 (or larger) monitors.
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