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Re: [Credit Card Fraud] Charges from "WWW.DELLMONT.COM/A LU

said by pflog:

There was no phone number associated with the charge, according to my bank. The odd thing is, yesterday I saw a bill back (refund) on my statement, but it's NOT for the same amount.

Here's the original charge and transaction fee:


And then yesterday this transaction showed up from the 19th:


I don't think this was my bank acting on my dispute claim, since the amount they told me I would be credited would be the total of the charge AND transaction fee. So it's like the people that stole from me refunded it, but perhaps the refunded amount was based on the current USD/Euro conversion rate which was slightly lower than when the original charge happened?

Kudos for posting the exact line items of the transactions. It is much easier to determine what occurred and comment appropriately when this level of detail is supplied. The $14.43 credit was initiated directly by DELLMONT against the initial $14.67 charge. The original billing was in Euros, and they credited you the same Euro amount. The $0.24 discrepancy between the original and refund is likely due to the processors and banks exchange conversion rates. Banks and processors pad and mark-up exchange rates on a daily basis.

Without knowing the exact timing between your complaint to your bank and the refund initiation, it is possible that Dellmont could have generated the payment return all on their own. For example, if they discovered that a rogue purchaser or reseller had submitted a batch purchase using numerous hijacked cards, then Dellmont would likely refund all of the transactions in that batch once several were discovered to be fraudulent in order to avoid charge back fees. Or they could have quickly responded to your bank's complaint and issued a refund in order to minimize fees also.

said by pflog:

So just a heads up and I'm hoping maybe someone may know about this and can point me to some info on this shady company.

Dellmont is legitimate, they are part of the EU based Betamax / Finarea voip group. They have been around for many years, VOIPBUSTER, VOIPSTUNT, etc, etc. Like many global Voip providers they have been a prized target for global cyber criminals and scammers. Voip services are a valued tool for cyber criminals, both as a fraudulently purchased resale item, and as a toolbox item to facilitate cyber crime by enabling them to project themselves around the globe. Up to 25% of online purchase attempts of VOIP services are made with hijacked card data. I am sure that any resellers or wholesale providers who frequent DSLR VOIP forums »VOIP Tech Chat can also attest to that. At one time Betamax / Finarea even stopped accepting card transactions for service purchases, for a year or so due to this plague.

There is little doubt that this transaction was initiated by a user/ reseller purchasing VOIP services with your compromised card data.

said by pflog:

..... Does them being able to refund the money to my account mean my card was NOT cancelled properly? .....

No, all refunds and prior authorizations will still process for between 30 and 90 days after a card has been canceled. The transactions will "roll over" to the new card number. All new purchases & authorization request will be denied against the card once canceled.

You are required to be made whole from the fraudulent transaction, so it is your bank's responsibility to address the currency discrepancy, and obtain a refund of the currency processing fee which was a separate transaction.

Kudos again for immediately canceling your card and addressing the issue. It is S.O.P. to cancel and replace a card even for one transaction that is identified as fraudulent, regardless of the amount. One triggering event means your card data has been compromised, it cannot be reclaimed or recovered, immediate replacement is the only solution. Unfortunately, since they are a "not for profit", many CREDIT UNIONS charge a $20 to $25 fee any time a card is replaced, irrespective of who is at fault. Some consumers may refrain from replacement when a fraud charge is small and subsequently refunded, a big mistake in my opinion.