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Waukegan, IL

New user!

I was using a tethered hotspot in my Palm Pre/Sprint just at work. Not to bad 400Kbps but way slower than my home internet and I have used it almost constantly at work.

Sprint calls and asks why my data has spiked? Me like a dummy "well ya see I am using my phone at work........"

Sprint employee: That is a no no (here he actually freakin snickered!) but we can set you up to use our 30.00 a month data plan sir.

Me: But I already pay for unlimited data?

Sprint employee: O no sir we are talking apples and oranges here, your using data via a hot spot.

Me: Yea its in the phone with your companies logo stamped all over it?

Sprint employee: I understand that sir but not long ago sprint decided not to allow...............................

At this point I made an excuse to hang up grrrrr been with them five years

Anyway not to risk losing my sprint service, increasing the contract and a new phone. I started just a few minutes ago using crickets broadband mobile, 45 a month and I can decide when I no longer need it
When you tell somebody something, it depends on what part of the United States you're standing in as to just how dumb you sound.