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reply to jchambers28

Re: [OC] AMD Bulldozer overclocking preview.

AMD is so full of it it aint even funny anymore...

The world record was made with liquid helium (I think)... all anyone ever uses is liquid nitrogen... so... the basically cheated to get the OC.

Skipping over all your word fails (why dies amd keep sitting, well, cause they died and can't move).

BD has been delayed over 3 YEARS... first was to wait for the new 32 I think NM dies... then it had 2-3 other delays... mostly other fails... so ya BD is about 3 years late rofl... why would they NOT delay it?

4 core beating 6 core at "malty" threaded tasks... well idk what a malty threaded task is.. if you mean multi...

Simple... Think of a plumber... a professional plumber... that person will plumb much faster than you. Dispite you both working as hard as you can...

So if you have 4 pros vs 6 yous who is gona win?

the 4 pros... same idea for the core..