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help me compare router/modem

I currently have a 5 y/o 2Wire 1701-HG that has an intermittent problem of losing the dsl connection from ATT.

I reported the problem to ATT today and was told my current 2Wire likely needed to be replaced, and ATT person suggested either the Motorola Business wi-fi # 3347 , although I am not an ATT customer "enjoying AT&T business dsl".

The other recommended choice is 2Wire 2701 HG-B with no filters included.

I have a Windows 7 laptop with a direct connection to the router/modem, and downstairs another Windows 7 connected thru wireless, and a Vista HP computer also connected wirelessly.

I have read a review on the Best Buy site that stated to check your power supply first, and I have straightened the cord and am watching to see if the resettings continue as frequently before.

So, my question is, if I have to spend $100 on a new one, which would be the better choice?

Thanks for any help with this!

Poway, CA
If you read the AT&T forums at this site, you will see that a lot of people have had issues with the 2Wire 2701HG-B; the Netopia/Motorola 3347 is a far more solid and reliable unit. Since AT&T sells them both for the same price, it makes sense to go with the business modem (AT&T will support this model on a residential line).

The 2701HG-B is more stylish (almost looks like something that Apple would have designed), but a pretty case does not mean that it will work well.

I would not trade my 3347-02-1022 for a whole truckload of 2Wire modems.


Thank you!! Since I straightened the cord, the interruption has happened once, if more , I haven't been there to see it.

If I have to purchase a new one, I'll go with the Motorola.