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Trogglus normalus

Chicago, IL

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Re: HOA's are discriminated against as well

said by mathfaster:

said by Oh_No:

said by mathfaster:

Verizon would only install FIOS in our HOA IF the HOA would have everyone sign up for FIOS and the HOA did the billing. Fat chance of that ever happening. FIOS is elsewhere in the suburb I live in.

That is what you get for being in an HOA.
Many HOAs resell cable/internet so they can make money off the top. They will force all residents to pay for the cable/internet in their HOA fees every month. This way they get one large commercial account for the whole HOA and pocket the difference of the discount.
I can tell you that you have HOA rules governing that everyone must sign up to get Verizon. Those are not Verizons rules, they would gladly move in it weren't for your crappy HOA trying to make money off the top.

Dont let your HOA lie to you and blame verizon.

I used to be on the board of my HOA. There are no rules requiring anyone to have to signup for any cable, FIOS, etc. Yes, this was Verizon telling our HOA to shove it unless they got what they wanted. This HOA has been in existence for over 20 years. This is a single family home HOA not a condo or townhouse HOA.

That is a lie.
Verizon will wire HOA subdivisions the same as any other subdivision unless the HOA has rules that requires customers buy cable/internet through the HOA.
There are HOAs without crazy rules and those are treated like non HOA properties.

Verizon does not force HOAs to get a commercial account, they do not force HOAs to handle the billing as that means less money for Verizon as the HOA cuts into their profit margins.
The only time verizon would force stipulations is for apartment complexes/condos that are not wired correctly thus are very expensive to hook up.
Bundling and forcing the residents to buy cable/internet is for the benefit of the HOA and the HOA board probably get free cable and internet out of the deal.

Recently looking for housing, there are a lot of bad HOAs out there that force you to buy cable/internet in your monthly HOA fees. There are a lot of HOAs that are very weak with no dues, those are the best as they are created just to ensure people mow their lawns and the houses meet certain style requirements when built. They are silent unless someone is letting their house fall apart. Those HOAs do not force you to buy cable/internet through them.