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Re: Keep in mind this is my sister's experience...

I live about a half an hour east of Buffalo in the small rural town of Marilla. No complaints about Road Runner from me.

Taken moments ago:

I don't ever see Verizon offering Fios in my area, nor do I care, I have no desire for it. It's completely overrated and I couldnt be less impressed with their lackluster service. 135Mb downstream is great, but call me when I can actually take advantage of it, their TV service sucks, it lacks a lot of HD channels, the boxes feature nonsense like widgets for Facebook, and their phone service, well it's phone service. Verizon is a terrible company and I was so happy to sever all ties with them two years ago when after over 20 years with NYNEX/Bell Atlantic/Verizon, Time Warner finally started offering digital phone in my town. I just wish I could have taken care on canceling Verizon my self . I would have used every single profane word around and even would create a few new ones if I had the opportunity to speak to a Verizon rep. As much as I hate Apple, I dont think I can put into words how much I true revulsion I have for both Verizon and their half owned sister company Verizon Wireless.
Chuck Norris was once asked why he doesn’t use an iPhone, he responded, “Same reason I don’t use tampons.”
AT&T - America's Worst 3G Network