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Hi cost for Business

While I don't understand why Time Warner charges more for much less on the business internet I am seriously wanting to find an alternative. I live in Killeen, TX and pay $80 per month for 100 up and 100 down It's sad. At my home I pay $50 and I get 7000 down and 2000 up.

How they can justify screwing small business is beyond me. My question is this... Are there any alternatives in my area? I see other business class service in areas around me that are very good speed and very good prices. But to my knowledge they are not available here.

Lightning Bolt

Auburn Hills, MI
Can you give some more details?

"$80 per month for 100 up and 100 down" 100 what?

"$50 and I get 7000 down and 2000 up." 7000 what?

I think 1st we need to compare apples to apples, and then talk about the big difference between residential, and business class services.
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supposedly the traffic for business class is prioritized

Milford, NH
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Business class service includes a SLA that requires the ISP to meet various performance/reliability goal or be penalized.

If you are a business reliability it extremely important.

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Saratoga Springs, NY
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Re: Hi cost for Business

I'm pretty sure TW has better deals than you are currently getting. Call you csr.


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If you're actually getting symmetrical bandwidth of 100x100 Mbps @ $80 that's darn near free compared to most other business class options. True commercial grade bandwidth at that speed is well over $1,000 per month (and a lot more outside of big cities). Not to mention other costs for construction/build-out, unless the site already has "lit" fiber.

@ home you claim you're getting 7,000 x 2,000?? (Mbps??) Are you sure those numbers are accurate? That's 7G down and 2G up for $50??? I find that highly unlikely. It's probably more like 7000 Kbps x 2000 Kbps (7M x 2M).

Regarding your statement of- "I see other business class service in areas around me that are very good speed and very good prices."
-can you provide some examples please?