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Cleveland, OH
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reply to gravesg

Re: the youtube issue

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What would it cost me to hit 400GB? Hmmm. Why nothing at all! I have attached what my current download and upload is for the month. Its clear what while your connection is faster. You can't manage to download more then me. Maybe it's all that latency and youtube buffering? Like I may be able to view three youtube videos before your one actually finishes. LOL

Why do you have a 50Mb connection if you don't even use it that much? I was on the 24Mb connection and ended up dropping down to 12 because I found it to be a bit over kill.

LOL! I read the forums everyday here. What you have showed me was not an everyday issue but a glitch that was resolved. I can understand a problem here and there. However, my issue was every freaking day no matter what time of day. All I ever kept hearing was the same BS from Cox how the problem was on Googles end and how they are working on it. Looks like still to this day it's a problem for Cox. I know I was not a rare case because I found a thread with people complaining how it was everyday for them too. Other sites would load ok for me and my latency was ok. Unless I was on during peak times. Then I was waiting and extra min. or two for the page to load. Which is why my connection is so nice now. I don't have the issue of peak hours any more as well.

A problem here and there is acceptable to me. Every day is not and like I said once I switched to DSL never saw the problem again. Actually my buffering on this connection I would consider excellent.

Please don't blame other ISP's for having the same issue if this is what you mean by that.

So yawn my friend yawn. I grow weary debating this. I think my point has been proven. Cox while yes may have more connections to offer. I would stick with my good ole DSL any day if it means less restrictions and headache for me. Which is why DSL is superior.

Hey I hear you guys even get throttled on torrent sites now! Oh yeah! defiantly a connection I want! LOL!

I think you just need to leave that old cable connection for Fios in your area. Stop kidding your self already.
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