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This is a sub-selection from Typical


Antioch, TN
reply to flycuban

Re: Typical

If these guys ran 'all you can eat buffets' they'd advertise 'All you can eat $60!' (we pay a LOT more for our internet than most countries, and the whole population density argument doesn't hold water when companies aren't forced to cover rural areas and most choose not to), then tell us 'The average person only eats 2 plates of food, so now we're limiting everybody that comes in after this policy change to 2 plates, and to anybody already in here - well, we'll still give you unlimited, but we're throttling you to 1 plate per day. Effectively that makes it not so unlimited, but...we're the only all you can eat thanks to our monopolistic practices so screw all of you!'

Then once those people that used to use 3 plates are down to 2 they can announce that the average has been brought down to 1 plate so now they're adjusting everything downward again.