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Columbus, OH

Digital Adapter Remote

My WOW digital remote has stopped turning the TV off/on. I have reprogrammed it at least 10 times and no luck. I then went and got my second remote from the basement and it has the same effect. Both remotes will raise and lower the volume and change channels, but both will not turn the TV off/on. Any suggestions ? Thanks everyone.


So you took a remote off of a second TV (which was working), and it won't turn the one TV on/off either? Sounds to me like you've got a malfunctioning TV.


Utica, MI
reply to blh906
Can you turn the tv on and off with the remote control that originally came with the tv?


Berea, OH
There is no question that the DTA/remotes are awful. I have two in my house that are godawful. My parents have two in their house that are slightly better. My in-laws have one that's about as bad as my two.

The list:
I have to reprogram one of mine every single night without exception.
Changing the channel up sometimes changes it down instead and vice versa.
Changing the volume actually sometimes changes the channel as well.
Sometimes it'll take 3-4 seconds to register that I've pressed a button.

Couple that with the fact that the DTA's are a nuisance to begin with (am forced to use two remotes to access sleep timer, close captioning, etc; cannot remove channels from the lineup) and it's almost like WoW intentionally forced us to use crappy hardware to get us to upgrade every TV to a more expensive box.

Naperville, IL
blh906 - Which remote and DTA do you have? I know those DTA remotes aren't the greatest sometimes, but I believe we have newer remotes that can control those DTAs and are more reliable. Customer service can either send you new ones, or you can have a tech out to replace them and check everything out for you and make sure it's okay.

Bsipe9 - Have you called customer service to get someone out to check and/or replace those DTA's? That is an issue that a technician could most likely resolve for you if you set up an appointment.
Dan Della Terza
WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone
Network Operations Center


Berea, OH
It's a problem that persists on 5 different DTA's in 3 different houses. My guess is we didn't all just get the unlucky 5 adapters that don't work. Seems much more likely that they are just not very good pieces of hardware.