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Jay, OK
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reply to Red_Wings


Well actually there is justification, it is just noone gives any thought to it. It costs between 50 and 500 grand for a cable or phone company to lay cable and service a ten mile area with an indefinate life expectancy on the cable and it costs a truck roll if something happens to it where as HN or any satellit broadband company spends 20 million+ a pop for each satellite they send up with a 10 year life expectancy and if something happens to it they are into the millions again fixing it most of the time if it doesn't have to be replaced altogether.

Each cable and phone company also has as many customer covering their cost in and one of a number of city's and more customers in any one of a number of cities than HN has all totaled. So yeah it costs more but I gaurantee you they are not rolling in dough with the deal and in fact I would be willing to bet that without government contracts to cover some of the costs we wouldn't have any satellite broadband or if we did it would cost tons more.
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Grass Lake, MI
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Where do you find your info on these numbers? I tried to Google it and could not find it.
I'm sure greed has nothing to do with knowing their customers have no other viable option as we did. It seemed really funny that they were willing to cut our bill nearly in half to keep us as a customer even after telling them about the service we were going to. Now why didn't they offer that before if the high costs were justifiable?
Not that it really matters now. It also doesn't change the fact they are really expensive, speeds are slow, service is sub par, and the FAP is a joke. I dont care about the reasons for the FAP either. I dont watch movies on-line and very rarely download large files nor do I do any gaming on-line but I still find ways to exceed the daily allowance quite a lot even after the tech told me that the 200mb download plan I was on would not be exceeded even if I sat on YouTube all day. I exceeded the limit the very first day just browsing the internet with no videos or downloads. Just browsing. We upped our plan to the next level and that largely took care of the problem until my in-laws moving in. We had to move to the biggest plan available. 500mb at a whopping $136 a month!!!!!! They also stated that you could stream a movie. How? Its too slow. The few times I watch a YouTube video, it kept pausing to buffer. Not to mention it would exceed my FAP.
I now have Frontier DSL and I'm enjoying 3 to 7mbps (and yes it is 3 to 7mbps as stated not the sub 1mbps that I was getting with Hughes). I am paying about $14 a month for internet with the Triple Play.
There is only ONE positive to Hughes. Its availability to a market where nothing else is available. I just feel for the people being taken advantage of by satellite internet. With company's like Frontier reaching out to markets untouched by others, satellite internet will either be more expensive for the current customers to cover the "high costs" of operation or just fold up. Either way, it doesn't matter to me anymore. Especially after making the HughesNet dish into a strainer with my Ar-15.
Bottom line, if there is a DSL or cable option out there, I dont understand why anyone would be dumb enough to still go with satellite internet. Just my 2 cents and my personal review of a product I could not stand for the money.

This is a sub-selection from FAP