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Los Angeles, CA
reply to gdm


It seems like this is the modem being sold for IP-DSLAM now. Anybody have experience with this equipment?

ig51x Internet Gateway

The AT&T U-verse Internet gateway is a single, intelligent device that brings together both your U-verse High Speed Internet and U-verse Voice to distribute them throughout your home.
Internet gateway - front

Get connected

The Internet gateway enables wireless networking capabilities throughout your home. It's powerful enough to help eliminate wireless dead spots and, with encryption security, safeguard against outside access of your Internet connection. In addition, four Ethernet ports for wired LAN connections are included along with connections for phones to your U-verse Voice service.

Your gateway will connect to:

Your personal computers via WiFi and Ethernet so you can use AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet service.
Your personal devices such as WiFi cameras, network printers, mass storage devices, and more...
Your phones, faxes for U-verse Voice service


Router Functionality
Wi-Fi (wireless Internet)
4 Ethernet ports
Analog Telephone Adapter (for U-verse Voice)
Easy to install and use

Professional Grade Firewall

Defends your home network against common Internet threats such as Distributed Denial of Service attacks. As well, Internet gateway software updates are made automatically.
Internet gateway - rear
U-verse Internet Gateway connections

Phone Line - Supports 2 Voice lines with single port
RJ-11 for DSL service

Local Ethernet - RJ-45 for 4 Ethernet ports
Hi Power 802.11g wireless connection;
no external antenna


The U-verse Internet gateway is designed for self-install of Internet services. With the Internet self install, you save money by completing the simple install yourself.

For a fee, a highly trained AT&T professional will install your Internet gateway and make all the necessary Internet connections. U-verse Voice service requires a technician to install.


I'm guessing this is why ATT is now charging $100 to buy the IP-DSLAM modem on their website instead of $75 a few months ago.


Lafayette, LA
·LUS Fiber
I just finished speaking with an att uverse tech/installer working in the building next to mine...

I asked him about the new hgv510 and he said it seems to sync slower than the 2210-2 ... and he couldn't figure out why... saying it was only 800-900kb slower generally ...it was definitely slower syncing.

Also says he received a document or literature on upcoming bonding for adsl2 and will be rolled out beginning at the end of this year ..and that its sole purpose is to extend the lengths at which they can offer to customers ...not to increase speed for existing customers.