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New York, NY

Service has gone to shit

I agree. I, too, have been Speakeasy customer for over a decade. Once Megapath took over, my trouble tickets get ignored. Customer Service Reps spout technical bullshit (I'm a professional network engineer so I know when they're trying to snow me). And when they get called on it, they suddenly ignore me.


New York, NY
Performance seemed to go down the toilet after I was cut over to Covad links (at least the reverse lookups indicate it's covad stuff) -- I dropped from regular 1.48mb/s to 650kb/s service.

Calling them up on it, I get some burned out tech stating "well, the line tests clear".

I miss the old "chit chat" I'd have with service personnel, who weren't stumped when I was working from an OS that didn't have a "start menu" nor an "apple".

Right now checking out Verizon FIOS service; which gets good reviews. Honestly, though, after being a VZ customer (largely without choice) for 30 years, I'm very wary of giving them any business. Even VZ's ordering page is shafting me; but I definitely don't want to go the cable route.


reply to Tanster
Service support has certainly gone downhill since the merger. Wait times have gone from a few minutes to 25 or even 50 minutes. Ticket will stay open forever unless you call back to get status. If you get an ex-covad guy on the phone you are lucky and may get help. Otherwise, you are likely to get a helpless script reader that cannot understand any technical network issues; She would log the ticket and hang up.