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Berrien Springs, MI

[Line Problem] Keep losing connection

This has only been happening to me from this morning, October 6, 2011 and has been happening throughout the day.

I lose connection at the drop of a hat now. I've reset my Airport Extreme and my modem several times. I've unplugged and replugged in all the wires and connections. I've even restored my Airport Extreme to factory settings and re-input all the connection data. But I'm still losing connection. Many times it's being lost through a heavy load...like Netflix. Sometimes when nothing is even hooked to the Net it will lose connection. Other times it will run fine for half an hour or so....then WHAM, lost connection.

I called ATT customer service and the woman did some of the "line tests" and said she can't find anything wrong. Also said there's no outages in the area but not sure how reliable her info about that is. Said that it looks fine on her end, and the only thing she could do is to send someone out to check my line, and that would cost me.

I'm in Berrien Springs, Michigan on the 6Mbit DSL service on a Speedstream 5100. Not sure what to do. At the moment it's up, but I know as soon as I try to run Netflix, it will suddenly go down again. Also, I've had this service going on about 8 years now, so this isn't a new installation nor has this really happened before. Also, not new computers or equipment hooked up to anything. This all started happening about 3:30 AM

Now, just writing this the connection went down for about 15 minutes. My router just couldn't reconnect. The Speedstream 5100's DSL light would go solid red for about 2 seconds, then start blinking green. I reset it and it connected. Is my modem going bad?

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San Jose, CA
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Is this a four-L.E.D. SS5100, or a five-L.E.D. SS5100 (the latter is known as the "SpeedStream 5100b")?

You can easily pull the statistics from the SS5100b at this page:


Or go to the Technician readout and grab the lines from 140 to 149.

For the SS5100a, check out this FAQ:

»AT&T Midwest/Ameritech FAQ »Funhouse info on the original 5100a Modem including how to get at line stats

What you should post, at a minimum, would be the SNR ("Signal to Noise Ratio), Line Attenuation, and sync rates.

For dividing between plant problems and premises problems, taking the reading at the NID, as well as the wall jack, is a good idea:

»AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ »How to check modem stats, synch rates & speeds from test jack at the NID.
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Berrien Springs, MI
reply to ksgant
Thanks for the reply and I will do all the things you suggested if the problem comes back. Seems that it WAS just work being done in my area as now, after 4PM this afternoon, my disconnections automagically disappeared and I haven't been cut-off in close to 11 hours.


Chicago, IL
reply to NormanS
I am having the same problem here in downtown Chicago. Started a couple of months ago. Using dsl extreme on ATT line with Speedstream 5100a and Airport Extreme. Connection was solid from 2003 until just recently. Have to reboot modem a couple of times a day.