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Shoreham, NY

[iO] HD DVR Occasional Flash of Snow and/or Black

Ok I've been having an ongoing issue with one of our DVR boxes for the last few weeks, I have tried everything and still having some problems.
The issue is while watching LIVE TV or DVR Shows the picture will occasionally flash to a digital snow or flash black as if the box loses sync with the TV. This just started happening out of the blue, no cabling change nothing, just a few days of no power/cable after the hurricane.
I've tried 3 different HDMI cables, 2 of which are from either an xbox or PS3 that is also hooked up. All 3 cables I have the same issue. I have swapped the box now 3 times and still having the problem, though not as bad as the first box.
The Xbox and PS3 don't have this issue with the HDMI cables I tested on the cable box so I'm sure it isn't the cables. I also tried different inputs on my TV again no issues with the Xbox or PS3 but I have the issue with the cable box.
Now has anyone had this issue? Could I really have gotten 3 boxes all suffering the same problem?