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Sardis, OH

[Info] connecting appalachia?

Does anyone know much about this project connecting appalachia? A company called horizon is installing fiber optic cable in all of ohio's southeastern counties. They installed them through my town this past week. Supposedly they will wire up schools and stuff first. Local isp's can coordinate with horizon to offer their service for residential customers. I just wondered if anyone heard anything else about this, like when they might offer their fiber internet or any info about it. Thanks.

Warner Robins, GA
Connecting Appalachia »www.connectingappalachia.org/

"The $66 million awarded to Horizon Telcom will allow the company to run fiber-optic cable from its main network to anchor points within the 34 counties. CA will partner with local Internet service providers for last-mile installations.

When will fiber come to my area?

The first step in the project is to make sure the fiber installation will not harm sensitive environmental or historical areas. That process will take about six months, so construction should begin by early 2011. Construction will go in waves across the area until the entire network is in place when BTOP funding ends in 2013. Watch this website and our e-newsletter for details as they become available."

»www.connectingappalachia.org/doc ··· chia.pdf


Sardis, OH
cool!!! thanks for the info. Hopefully a company will coordinate with horizon and provide fiber to the home here. That would be awesome.