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R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV
·Frontier Communi..

I would agree

just to let ya know pal, restarting your modem does absolutely nothing only makes you set everything back up to where it will work again. We did have linksys once but it was crap so we're using D-link now and has been working a hell of a lot better but if your linksys and restarting everything for you works then thats good. We have frontier just down our road maybe 50 feet but still ain't able to get it so maybe next year we might get it.. Just a couple of things i hate worst about hughesnet is latency and the fact that it does not like switches, if you don't hock it up corectly then the whole thing will never work thats all there is to that.

If you like hughesnet i recommend you to stay with them cause they say they will upgrade everything sometime soon.


Jay, OK
·exede by ViaSat
I have been running a switch since the 4000 modems and have the 9000 now and a router but that is only because I wanted the wireless for my phone, I ran the 9000 for a year on the same switch I have always had completely trouble free before I got the router and in fact I have to reset the router about once a week to keep the email working on my wifes computer and I never had to do that with the switch. I do have to agree with the D-Link part of the equation though, that is what my switch was and like I said, it ran trouble free for 10 years and is now working with a friends HN7000s system flawlessly.
HughesNet elite plan/.74 dish w/1watt trans. / 9000 modem / 3 computers on a linksy's wired network