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Aiken, SC
reply to ScrawnyB

Re: ABB Adds Express and Unleashed Tiers

Thanks scrawnyb.

I did a little research on the SBG6580, and there where some poor reviews with this unit needing to be reset several times a week.

I think I will go with a separate router.


Aiken, SC

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My local ABB office does sell these Motorola modems, for $89. So, I can't buy a 6120 or 6121 for that price shipped, so I will probably just buy this one and get a wireless N-Router to go with it.


In response to wolfsmane and any other posters or lurkers who might be wondering about wireless router compatibility:

scrawnyb's explanation of Wireless G throughput is spot on. If you plan on subscribing to the Unleashed speed (40m), you will also need to have a Wireless N router in order to attain that approximate speed with any wireless device (the device, also needs to have wireless N capability).

On our internal testing, as well as with different subscribers, we normally see Wireless G topping out at 25-26mbps. Which is fine for the express service, if that is the option that you choose, Unleashed subs will need N in the household to get their full speed wirelessly.

Of course, anything connected via 10/100 or 10/100/1000 (Gigabit) Ethernet will get the best possible provisioned speed.

The one Ethernet out on our rental modems may be a hold over from when each system was owned by different carriers. Before I worked for the company proper, I do remember Charter allowing multiple public IPs to be pulled via a switch, other areas like Miami also allowed for this with Charter. I know Aiken's Gforcecable system operated in a similar manner as well.

As it stands now, ABB will also offer a dual band Linksys e1500 N router for households that would rather rent one from us rather than buy one. This probably doesn't apply to many active on the forum, but its an option. The rental fee is the same as a modem lease, and also implies the same protections. Should the router go bad, its replaced free of charge.

I would caution those who aren't sure about their router/internal network to give us a call so we can walk you through checking. Most of the tech savvy people already have N routers--- but there are some (myself included until just recently) who have held on to various G/Mixed because up until now the throughput was maxed at the modem end.

I'll miss the DD-WRT firmware of my old WRT54G, but got a Netgear on sale at Bestbuy that hasn't given me any problems yet.