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Question About Comcast Internet and ATT Uverse Coexisting

Hi guys, my girlfriend decided to get ATT Uverse TV (just the TV, not internet or phone), and the installer is coming thursday; however, I currently have Comcast Internet and I work from home and thus need the faster speeds that Comcast provides. I know that the two systems are not inherently incompatible. My worry is that because we live in an apartment and have only one coax cable (afaik) running into our apartment that the ATT guy is going to disconnect the Comcast Internet . Can ATT Uverse and Comcast share the same Coax? I've been doing a lot of searching; however, my "google-fu" is failing me in finding any relevant info...

We do have a RJ-11 line running into the apartment, could they use that or would that not provide enough bandwidth for the TV?

Thanks for any help, it is much appreciated

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Assuming the Residential Gateway (RG) will be in your apartment and it is connected to the network via twisted pair (your RJ-11) there is no issue. Yes it will provide enough bandwidth.
Depending on how your apartment is currently wired for TVs the installer may or may not use existing coax from the RG to the TVs but unless there is some strange Comcast splitter configuration that should not affect your Comcast HSI.
Just tell your installer your needs and concerns.


Ah, okay, thanks for the reassurance and quick reply. I'm unsure how the coax and such is wired to be honest but the RJ-11 and Coax are both in the living room and are close to each other. I may have a cable running across the hallway though, I guess we'll see Thursday what he'll be able to do. Thanks

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I really don't think Comcast would want to share the coax with another service. I expect they would have concerns about "ingress"; a cable HFC plant is a "closed system", and they are very strict about "ingress" (foreign signal imposed on their plant) and "egress" (leakage of their signal from their plant).

AT&T U-verse is delivered on the copper pair (except for their very rare FTTP plant). The RG will plug into that RJ-11 jack. The distribution from the RG can be Ethernet (CAT 5/6) or coax; but I expect that they should not be allowed to touch the existing coax.

Caveat: I don't have direct experience with a U-verse install. The concerns with the Comcast coax are based on what I have gleaned from the Comcast forums.
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Ah okay, yeah i figured if ATT did /have/ to use Coax to get into the apartment that they'd prolly have to disconnect Comcast's connection, especially since cable is a shared connection and I think there was a story awhile ago about Comcast alledging ATT was messing with their network. But if they can just use RJ-11 to get into the apartment, that'll work. Would it be possible to use an ethernet bridge (ethernetwifiethernet) to connect the gateway to the set top box? Otherwise I think I'll have to have a cable run across the room since we can't really mess with the carpet. I suppose I could use a really long ethernet cable and run it along the walls and around to the TV if needed. Just curious

Thanks for the help guys, this site is great (been a lurker for awhile haha)


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You can get a wireless uverse receiver if needed and forego the wire to the RG. Right now only the actuall receiver with the hard drive in it has to be wired for the total home dvr system to work.
A nice pair of powerline adapters would work a lot better than a cat5-wifi-cat5 bridge.


hmm yeah thats a good idea about the power homeav adapters I'll have to look into that. We are getting the set top box with the dvr so i suppose their wireless reciever is available as you said, but the power plugs would work


Hi guys, just wanted to give you an update to let you know that I'm not up and running with Uverse TV and Comcast Internet We ended up using the phone line from the bedroom and drilling through the closet into the living room behind the TV stand. The installer was helpful and on time and called when he was about 10 minutes out. I remember the Comcast guy doing that and then showing up almost 2 hours later 0.0. Good job on AT&T

Anyway, thanks for the help everyone!