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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

BTN2Go now available to BHN customers!

BTN2Go features a live feed of all Big Ten Network television programming. This includes live game broadcasts, coaches’ shows with analysis and commentary, original series programs (like Big Ten Icons and The Big Ten’s Greatest Games), and game highlights. Customers will also have On Demand access to BTN’s video archive.

You can view up to 8 weeks of past and future game schedules, and sort them by Sport and School, at the BTN2Go website: »www.btn2go.com/btn2go/schedule.

To get BTN2Go, if you live in the Detroit and Indianapolis service areas you must have Standard video service; all other service areas require Digital Service and Sports Pass.

Get started by visiting the BTN2Go website at: »www.btn2go.com/btn2go/

1. Go to the BTN2Go website and click the BTN LIVE tab at the bottom of the page.

2. Select Bright House Networks from the list of participating providers.

3. Log in with your My Services username and password.

4. Create a BTN2Go account.

5. Enjoy!
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