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reply to IanR

Re: an MP3 player advice ...

No need to get offended. Just trying to stick to the specs given by the OP, that is the point of a thread like this, isn't it? He specifically asked for a player that navigates by folder structure.

My jazz and classical music would be an absolute mess if I went by id3 tags. I had an iPod for a while which only went by id3 and it drove me up the wall. Example: I have about 50 albums featuring one of my favorite musicians - he's had 10+ bands of his own plus has played with hundreds of other artists. I want to keep his work in one place - I can do that with filetree navigation. Id3 tags would separate those 50 albums into about 30 different artists. Another favorite of mine has worked with countless bands, is a musician and a composer, does everything from classical to jazz to punk... id3 tags would probably separate his work into 50 different artists and seven genres, whereas I want it all to be in one place. Plus, with over 150 albums to his name, I want to be able to subcategorize his work - one folder for soundtracks, one folder for live records, etc. Better yet, that musician and that composer have worked on ~35 albums together, so now I have to figure out which one gets to claim ownership for each album. It's a mess. In the end, I organize it in a way that isn't logical, but makes sense to my brain and my brain only, which is what I need.

I didn't say everyone had to do it a certain way. Just that some people have a strong preference for file tree nav
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