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Brooklyn, NY
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no broadband usf fee

as it stands there is still a moratorium on internet access taxes & fees-- but don't think that stops the wireless broadband companies from finding ways to goose the bill's bottom line price. it seems anything wireless has taxes, fees and surcharges attached (whether you know it or not it's built into the price you pay). you dont' need additional taxes to get wireless broadband to places it is not already reaching, you just need compeititon-- something which the DOJ almost waited too late to stop monopolization of the industry

** hint, when 2 companies collude to keep prices high, it isn't really not a duopoloy, it's a monopoly! the two companies act as ONE to gouge the consumer. the handful of oil refineries and oil companies collude to do the same exact thing and act as an industry not as single competitiors acting in their own self interest.

what would be a whole lot cheaper is to povide incentives for people to MOVE to geographies where broadband is cheaper to install-- wired or wireless. that doesn't mean that 90% of the population has to live in a major city.. over 75% of the suburbs have decent population density to make infrastructure a profitable business decision. the rest will be fixed by fixing the greater economy and getting people high paying jobs.