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Waterford, MI

Hook, Line and Sinker

Gotta love how some people here, who obviously don't understand the first thing about how radio works, are swallowing LightSquared's bull-pucky hook, line and sinker--then turning around and re-spewing it.

Two things, here: As somebody else noted: The RF spectrum doesn't consist of nicely channelized "slots" with the RF equivalent of brick walls between them. Depending upon a variety of factors, closely-located services will interfere with one another. However, in this case, it'd be a one-way street, since LightSquared's transmitters would be terrestrial, and GPS' are way out in space, which brings us to...

Problem the second: LightSquared is trying to re-purpose the allocation they "inherited." It was purposed to space-based transmitters, not earth-based. If they were trying to use it for that for which it was initially allocated, there'd be no problem.

LightSquared needs to bugger-off.



Banks, OR

Yea right, like all the PhD's at the FCC OET, who make a career of studying spectrum allocation, are wrong.

This is all about economics. The GPS industry wants to keep selling crap.


Winfield, IL
reply to jseymour

I agree with everything you said except the "inherited" part. Yes they got it when they purchased SkyTerra. However businesses now buy whole companies for patents, customer base, and yes spectrum.

The blame still falls on Lightsquared for trying to pretty much buy a residential property in a quite neighboorhood and then trying to zone it for a noisy business factory.

I know its hard to feel bad for the wealthy but the investors have been told by both lightsquared and the FCC that this should be able to get done and yet here we are... several attempts later and no clear resolution.


Waterford, MI
reply to PDXPLT

said by PDXPLT:

Yea right, like all the PhD's at the FCC OET, who make a career of studying spectrum allocation, are wrong.

You really think engineers at FCC thought re-purposing a satellite allocation for terrestrial use was going to fly?

said by PDXPLT:

This is all about economics.

Yeah: LightSquared wants to trash other services so it and its investors can Get Rich Quick.



Forest Hills, NY

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reply to chastech84

You got it, but we can extend the analogy further:

Let's talk about a ficticious company that makes widgets, LS Industries.

LS Industries decided to make widgets in a market where there are only two other widget makers. These others bought prime factory locations years ago, and seem to have no trouble getting all the land they need. They buy the commercial land from the town, and pay a market price.

So, LSI bought a residential-zoned property with an intent for commercial factory use. By-products of the factory would make living nearby impossible for many residents. This residential neighborhood had many, many residents who knew that their homes would be safe.

The planning board KNEW about the intended commercial use, and issued a variance without the required approval of the public (town council or whatever). Engineers at the planning board knew that a factory in a residential neighborhood would not work, but the planning board had a mandate to bring in more industry, particularly when the public would benefit from more competition in the widget market, and ignored the engineer's advice. LSI assumed that the commercial variance was a done-deal, and was surprised when the residents complained.

LSI started contributing to the campaigns of the city council and otherwise trying to buy influence to change the zoning, all the while pre-selling products from their commercial factory to many high-profile customers.

LSI built a small factory near one of the houses, and churned out a few test widgets. They found that while many homes at the outskirts were unaffected, some nearby ones could not be occupied safely. If those nearby homeowners erect large concrete walls, at their expense, they will not have problems from the factory.

This proposed solution does not please anyone.

Now, LSI wants the town to exchange their cheap residential property for another commercially-zoned one, similar to the properties that their competitors have paid dearly for. Why? because they think the planning board mislead them.


Canonsburg, PA
reply to PDXPLT

said by PDXPLT:

Yea right, like all the PhD's at the FCC OET, who make a career of studying spectrum allocation, are wrong.

The FCC hasn't has enough technical people for over a decade, it has become a political agency.


Aptos, CA
reply to voipguy

Nice analogy.

I think the solution here is to recognize the politicians in the FCC are crooks (erm, in your analogy, the planning board), and to cajole them to allow the exchange, but not let them make the same mistake ever again. Kinda like today's version of child discipline -- insufficient for the mistake, but some oldster will be around next time to not allow them to get away with it again.