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I Void Warranties

Billings, MT
reply to Mellow

Re: Windows Phone

Doubtful. I used Windows Mobile 6.5.5 and loved it on my Touch Pro. When they changed the entire OS in 7, I stared at it and went "What the hell?". Especially when there was *NO* backwards compatibility. I promptly ditched them (along with at&t when they grabbed Alltel here) and went to Verizon and grabbed a pair or D2G's.

I went from WM6.5.x to Android and I love it. I love the Calendar sync function so me and my entire family can sync our schedules with each other. I also love the Latitude app, which tells me where they are if I need to find them.

The Windows Phone seems like a glorified Zune to me. Unfortunately, that's what Windows 8 is beginning to turn into. *ugh*
Bresnan 30M/5M
MyWS[i7-870@4.1G,16G RAM,2x1T HDDs,Win7]
WifeWS[A64@2G,2G RAM,120G HDD,Win7]
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Salisbury, MD
You should revisit it again now that 7.5 mango has been released, they fixed a lot of stuff that should have been in 7.

They screwed the pooch on the launch and even MS will agree with that, they finally see where they went wrong and are busy fixing it.

I could care less about the twitter/facebook crap they have on it, I do love being able to use word/excel/one note on the phone just like my old windows mobile phone, also the sync feature has been improved.