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Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to mix

Re: Truth or FUD?

said by mix:

The idea of the GPS industry "using" spectrum is what irks me. GPS receivers are receive only. They are only listening to signals broadcast to them. Apparently listening to signals outside the allotted GPS bands that the GPS satellites broadcast on has some sort of positive effect if you are looking for high accuracy, high precession results from very low power signals coming from orbit. Go figure.

The laws of physics causes signals from moving satellites to red shift into 25 mhz of the specturm lightsquare will want to use. That is the laws of physics.
GPS receivers will listen for that red shift signals.
If lightsquare trys to use more powerful ground transmitters on those frequencies they will block the red shifted GPS signals and your GPS will not see those satellites.

People use the spectrum not the GPS industry. US tax payers paid for the GPS network over the years since the 70s. We own GPS. Will lightsquared pays us all back for that investment??
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