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Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
reply to rlharris02

Re: Lightsquared and FCC morons

said by rlharris02:

Your entire post is false.

1. LS acquied the spectrum knowing they COULD create a terrestrial network.. Do some reading!

2. This is just plain wrong, the orginial company the was given this spectrum in the same way ATT,Verizon etc were given 850mhz. There were NO auctions!!! More fact reading needed.

3. LS had approval to do what its trying to do now since 2003.

The only thing the FCC did wrong was not forcing the GPS mans to fix there issues.

Sorry but do some reading.
Lightsquare 100% intended to offer only satellite broadband for that spectrum.
Since ground based is more valuable they changed their plans after the fact to try and use the spectrum for ground base transmiters.
They took a gamble and lost due to the fact that they will jam the red shifted GPS signals.
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You are 100% wrong, you keep saying your same old party line.

When LS purchased the company that had the waiver it had done so in 2003. Before LS purchased them under the guidelines of using the freq as such.

Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX

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You are 100% wrong. There was no waiver in 2003. The waiver was in 2011 and had conditions tied to it. In 2003 the FCC made an order to allow satellite operators to have ground based backups/supplements, but the satellite must be the primary communcation means. Also they had to comply with not interferring with signals like GPS.

Lightsquared was created in July 20, 2010.
Harbinger bought Mobile Satellite Ventures and tried to flip an estimated $2 billion satellite only spectrum (that they got for free) into an estimated $12 billion ground based spectrum. Lightsquared just wants to make money at the expense of the GPS network paid for by us taxpayers.
The spectrum has always been protected by the FCC to protect GPS from interference as it was satellite only.
The waiver they were granted in 2011 had conditions that stated they can use it for ground based only if there was no GPS interference.

There was severe interference so lightsquare cannot flip that spectrum to make money from nothing.
Lightsquared and their stupid foreign CEO can go to some other country and jam GPS.

In no way did the FCC give lightsquared or MSV any waiver for interference issues. They never said that GPS must accomodate lightsquared in anyway.
MSV knew all along that they had to not interfere with GPS to work. Lightsquared bought them and also knew the spectrum was useless if they interfered with GPS.
Lightsquared took a gamble and lost. If it worked out the reward would have been $12+ billion.
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Aptos, CA

for the record, I'd love it if there was some extra dimension where spectrum was squared and ..... oh boy ........ well u see multidimensional spectrum, so a squared amount of spectrum. I'd love that. I'd love to see more spectrum.

But it doesn't work that way.

The "oh boy" was just as I realized the namesake of the company is the very magical concept I said I would love if were true but obviously is not real. Amazing. The actual name of the company is its own criminal lie, and criminal intent. How insulting.