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Waterford, MI
reply to rchandra

Re: decades of traffic management experience shows

said by rchandra:

The phone companies, or at least divisions of them, have been doing traffic management for a long, long time. To me, it's not particularly surprising T with their U-Verse ... [does well]...

"AT&T," U-Verse comes in 8th, behind six cable companies.


Stargate Universe fan
I guess I'm interpreting "does well" a little differently. In terms of overall throughput, yes, they're just above Clearwire, and below (on most days) under everyone else. But four of those lines are in the same general neighborhood (roughly 2200-2400) with similar variability (all curves rise and fall approximately equal amounts relative to a baseline). Two of those six have higher variability in the data, most prominently Cablevision, along with Cable One. Again, I'm talking about the variability of the connection (which I think would cause the most problems in viewing a stream), not the throughput absolute value. After all, the Y axis is "kbps," not some quality number. I would think individual subscriber preferences (what the access speed is for the service they choose) could account for at least some of the relative speed differences...although U-Verse is supposed to be zippy like FiOS. Hmmm....
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