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This is a sub-selection from I would agree


Jay, OK
·exede by ViaSat
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Re: I would agree

I have been running a switch since the 4000 modems and have the 9000 now and a router but that is only because I wanted the wireless for my phone, I ran the 9000 for a year on the same switch I have always had completely trouble free before I got the router and in fact I have to reset the router about once a week to keep the email working on my wifes computer and I never had to do that with the switch. I do have to agree with the D-Link part of the equation though, that is what my switch was and like I said, it ran trouble free for 10 years and is now working with a friends HN7000s system flawlessly.
HughesNet elite plan/.74 dish w/1watt trans. / 9000 modem / 3 computers on a linksy's wired network
This is a sub-selection from I would agree