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This is a sub-selection from Hughes is a Ripoff


Jay, OK
·exede by ViaSat
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Re: Hughes is a Ripoff

Well since you decided to compare this service to your cell provider, lets do that.If you have an unlimited package on that phone then all but sprint will either throttle you or cut you from priority on the tower you are pulling from after 2GB and there is no free time. If you do have Sprint and can get a signal good enough to be reliable then you are one of very few in Oklahoma that can unless you live in one of the bigger towns or cities in which case you could surely get something better than Hughes or cell phone service. If you don't have an unlimited package then those overage charges are going to change your tune real soon. As mentioned none of those cell providers are going to give you a free period anytime of day or night. Your surfing speed on a tethered cell phone will almost always seem faster because you don't have to send the signal 28000 miles each way to get that webpage loaded but start a large download and see who gets done the fastest. Unless you are lucky enough to be in one of the 2 4g areas in Oklahoma (soon to be 3 as Bartlesville is fixing to be lit up in a few weeks) then your download speed is between 500Kb/s to 2Mb/s compared to my 4.2 Mb/s and I can download more than your probable 2GB maximum for the month in a single night with that download manager and I can do it again tomorrow night and every night there after but when you hit that ultra low cap you are throttled for the whole month.

For those like me that have unlimited packages that eventually do get 4G will be better off being tethered than on HN untill Verizon either does away with the unlimited package entirely or starts traffic shaping the 4G users like they are doing us on 3g now and then HN will trump them again. The only really viable cell phone option to compare with HN is Millenicom and again there are no real guarantee's there because as Verizon becomes more restrictive Millenicom is as subject to their greediness as we are and will likely see the same crap rolling down hill to them.

So in retrospect if you look at the track records, HN is only getting better and treating their customers better every day while the cell companies study and scramble to find new and more inventive ways of screwing their customers. Now I say this with sprint as the exception for the time being, as much as I hate that company, they deserve a Kudos for not following in the footsteps of their competitors and I would use their service through Milenicom if they would just improve their coverage areas so I could get a signal.
HughesNet elite plan/.74 dish w/1watt trans. / 9000 modem / 3 computers on a linksy's wired network
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This is a sub-selection from Hughes is a Ripoff