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New York, NY
reply to bhan261

Re: What's with your mailserver, IP

said by bhan261:

Further edit: Called customer service (was on hold for about 15 minutes). They had changed my password, without telling me, because someone was apparently using the account for spam. The rep was nice enough, but this wasn't a complicated problem.

Maybe this explains why the IP address wound up on RBL/XBL lists? I don't tend to have any problems originating SMTP from my home server -- but once an IP address is on one of the BLs, it can be tough to get it off again.

Service level has gone down. Once they cut my area over to Covad links (my traceroutes changed), I now get 1/2 of the bandwidth I used to. Tech support was pretty much "well, your line shows clean". It looks as though the Covad peering is seriously hurting -- I'm ok on the local loop -- but some of the handoff points have +/- 35ms variance.

Looking closely at Verizon's FIOS service now.