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virgin broadband2go MC760 buffering problem

From day one with this service I can't watch internet videos without it buffering every couple of seconds. The signal is fine and it's a new Toshiba laptop. Tech support hasn't been able to help me. Any suggestionout there?

Justin Time5

No suggestions other than learning to live with limited through-put on this service. For web basics it's okay, but with high bandwidth demands you'll lament the lack of a copper tether.


Kansas City, MO
reply to Wolfe1
You didn't specify which website is having the issue. I find that with most mobile broadband I have to pause to let the buffer build up with most sites.

If the website offers different video quality selections I usually go for 360p instead of 480p to reduce the amount of data being sent that usually helps a bit.

Netflix doesn't offer a speed control for us here in the states... but they do have something like that in canada... hopefully it will make it's way here as well.