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Frederick, MD

[Tweak Test] Tcp/ip Optimizer For winodws 7

There seems to be only 1 up to date tool as i searched for days ? why is this??
anyone else? ever thought about making a tool that is better than speedguide.net tcp optimizer for windows 7?? this thing would be a huge hit due to all the new fast 60mbps broadband connections and i know windows 7 isnt tweaked for optimum internet speeds. speed guides tool is good but i think someone could make a stronger more aggressive tool like it,. check it out and let me know your thoughts SG TCP Optimizer
i would make a tool but i have more networking experience and very little programming

i see drtcp on here but its from like 2002???

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Las Vegas, NV
There is no tool that tweaks Vista and WIN7. Why? Because there are no settings in the registry to tweak like the older versions of Windows. Any tool that you might find is pure bogus - they do not work.

There are some netsh commands, but they really do not do much. Microsoft and other have said just leave it alone.

If you want to make a tool, you would need the source code and try to figure out what to change and what metric to use to test it. If it were possible, some very smart folks out there would have done it already.
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Wichita, KS
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There is no need a tcp optimizer for windows 7, There are netsh command parameter that which allows you to modify the tcp/ip window size in four pair parameters here.

I have been a done with my windows 7, I been tweaking them without use of other external optimizer programs outside of windows 7.

Dr Tweak

Chesapeake, VA
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The TCPOptimizer does work with Windows 7 and is needed. I have seen on many Vista and 7 computer where the TCP Auto tuning has been set to highly restricted thereby slowing your connection speed. There are other settings that it tweaks to improve your connection, although it is not as effective as it was with XP it still works.

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I came across this thread after a Google search and would like to provide extra info:

The main TCP Optimizer settings (RWIN) will not affect Windows Vista/7/2008 ... So you will not see a drastic difference as with XP/2k3/9x.

However, there are some additional registry settings that still work, so you may see some marginal improvement.

We do not recommend using the Optimzer under Vista/7/2008. Instead, we have a TCP patch and a tweaking article on the main site, see:

»www.speedguide.net/read_articles ··· ?id=2574
»www.speedguide.net/downloads.php ··· hp#Vista

Source: »forums.speedguide.net/showthread ··· 87600%29

Personally, I wouldn't fiddle with it; it's waaay too much work to be bothered for a marginal improvement...unless you enjoy playing with these settings.