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Madison, AL
reply to Rollins

Re: HDHomerun Prime - Huntsville, AL

said by Rollins:

So I got one and it works great. I traded my one HD box for an M-Card at the local office and installed it into my Prime myself. I then called the 877 Knology support number and did the automated cable box update option, and three minutes later it was working.

Only two issues so far, one is that I cannot receive channels 2-78 on it because they are still analog-only. This really only matters to me now on Comedy Central since they did not come through on making it an HD a couple months back. Also, the FCC only requires cable companies to provide analog capability to customers until FEB2012, so this may sort of fix itself within a year or so. Who knows...

Second issue is the HDHomerun's web status says that my cablecard is not activated, but is authorized. Not sure it affects anything though since all my services are working, so I will just ignore that.

Anyway, I could not find any local info on this on the internet so I am posting this both here and in the SiliconDust forums to let people know that it works with limitations here.

I have the HD Prime setup too. I wanted to ask you if you are being charged $9.95 for a HD cable box even though you don't have one. I called Knology, and they said this was how they bill for people who wanted to use their own equipment. I was not very happy when I found out I was being charged $10 a month to use my own equipment. Are you seeing the same thing? I am still coming out cheaper since I can get HD channels in several rooms now, but it still seems wrong to me. Thanks.


Huntsville, AL
I am being charged the $10 HD / equipment charge also. I also called to complain about it.

It was explained to me differently by Knology than you. I was told the first Knology box was included in my subscription and the $10 fee was to receive HD channels only. Then future HD boxes cost $10 each as a rental fee for every additional box.

So anyway, I pay:
$79 for internet / tv bundle
$2 cablecard
$10 internet upgrade
$10 digital preferred tier upgrade
$10 HD upgrade

I am currently getting the last two for free on a 12 month promotion, but when that ends, I am hoping to drop the digital preferred tier $10 since we never watch channels above 100 anyway. I am anticipating that they will require me to keep it to have HD channels though. Will find out next March

I still think I should get my cablecard for free since I returned my HD box though at a minimum. Afterall, the HD box contains a M-cablecard and I did not pay extra for it...


So did you ever fix the problem of the 2-78? Is there really not an analog tuner already included with the box?


Huntsville, AL
No, it is not an actual problem. It is like you said, no analog tuner. However, the FCC only requires cable companies to continue making analog channels available through next Feb I believe, so when they reclaim all that analog spectrum and convert it to an all digital system (whenever they choose to do that), the problem will fix itself and we will likely get a lot more HD channels in the process.


Whoops meant to ask if they let you do a self install?


Huntsville, AL
I did, but they claimed locally that it was not an offered option. Although, the 800 number says they offer it, and I have been told by a friend that it is a mandated FCC req for cable companies to allow self-installs now.

So yes, they let me self-install, but they also told me it was not a supported option and normally required a truck roll and a fee for that.