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My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to 08034016

Re: BF3 Begins Tomorrow

said by 08034016:

said by dsoegiarto:

........ uhh... ok, sorry, this is kinda cute. i just read your other post:

and now ur waiting for ur origin pre-order too?

That's why Origin sucks they can't get things Correct, people are waiting on their Pre-download nothing and you wonder why alot of people dont want Origin!

I can tell you Day 1 System crash its always been like this in-regards to Dice/EA,if that doesn't happen i would be surprised as hell.

said by Homunculus:

said by 08034016:

Me needing Origin to play BF3 thats going to turn off alot of players.

Am playing a browser game!
Get real.

Yet you play Steam games. Oh, the irony.

Steam is more stable then Origin.

Your replies in this thread alone have really only reinforced my opinion that you are talking out of your ass.
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