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This is a sub-selection from Comprehension fail

We the people
Brewster, WA
reply to cowboyro

Re: Comprehension fail

said by cowboyro:

Being unable to find a noticeable link and finding no link are two different things.
That doesn't mean that there is a link, it doesn't mean there is no link either. It just means that based on N years of data they were unable to find a link.
Come to think about it, exposure to asbestos only shows effects 10-40 years later.

Seems they just couldn't put cell phones above the noise of anything else that can cause cancer that a person is regularly exposed to.

One side has billions of dollars at stake, the other side has their own health at risk so history says the dollars take precedent. I guess it also divides people by those who blindly trust and those who understand that trust was lost or never there to begin with.
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