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Speakeasy reliability decline?

We're down again today. Has anyone else experienced outages similar to what we're experiencing below?

(data is based on service tickets. some issues may be non-ISP related - ie. CO, Covad, etc. but the trend is still pretty frustrating)

Seattle, WA
Yes. We're moving our clients elsewhere as possible. There used to be a clear benefit to the premium price with Speakeasy. Now it's just an overpriced ISP with LEC-like customer service (or worse).


Chantilly, VA
reply to rrggrr
yes totally. i have outages and bad pairs all the time. latency will start timing out on some days.

one of their techs forgot to "save to rom" on our router on a friday and when we called back after moving equipment, "enterprise support" was gone til monday. they told us it was our equipment was the problem. finally got a hold of somebody and they actually saved the config (they wouldn't give us the password).

when moving service, they left a bonded T1 active in our old address then when the bill reached almost 8 grand, told us to pay up or all service goes down. we eventually got all of our money back from that after 2 months.


Chantilly, VA
my coworker reminded me of another favorite gem. during the said service move, the tech said he'll be back, he has to take a leak. after 30 minutes we go to check to see if he fell in or what. nobody there... go outside, the truck is gone. the guy left without plugging any equipment in or doing the initial configuration.

called up speakeasy and asked where our tech went. they said the tech finished out the install and left. i said well he didn't, and of course, i get the usual argument and tell them if he had finished and tested everything, i wouldn't be calling right now. they couldn't find the tech or get a hold of him, so they had me plug it up and we started the config ourselves.