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Ashburn, VA

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reply to prairiesky

Re: The Carrier Response

said by prairiesky:

most people don't notice or can't tell you the difference between services. or even if their service is working to 100%. i mean i would place a bet that half the people who post speed tests complaining that they aren't receiving what they're paying for would have absolutely no idea if it weren't for a speed test. hence, it doesn't really matter.

So, even if you were right, that still leaves the other half, of which there are millions. Many people suspect that something is amiss, and they look to a speed test for validation. If there wasn't a community-driven need for speed tests, we would still be complaining that our HD video was not looking very good at only 5.8 mbps on our 65" TV, or a large file is taking a long time to download/upload.

There are hundreds of speed tests available now because non-technical people (and techies) had a need. Speed tests would not be so popular if half the people didn't care or understand anything about their services.