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reply to slckusr

Re: Cancer or not

said by slckusr:

Cell phones emit electrical signals, our body is like a big bioelectrical device, it only makes sense that our little devices could cause the cancer trigger in some people due to the increased exposure to the energy waves.

Extremely low energy.

If RF from cell phones has any effect on health, it is likely far less than the hundreds of other carcinogenic agents we are exposed to on a daily basis such as carbon/nitrogen monoxide from gas/diesel engines, airborne heavy metals from coal plants and incinerators, airborne radioactive isotopes, etc.

Funny thing about all those cellphone doomsday paranoids is that the majority are more worried about 10-40W cell towers emitting at frequencies that can barely get through skin than 200-3000kW (5000-300000X more powerful) TV/FM antennas that go through almost anything including their bodies.