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Baltimore, MD
reply to romulusnr

Re: Huh? Now they need spectrum?

I don't think T-Mobile needs spectrum. With AWS they had a clean slate to put in a brand new network.

Coverage is their achilles heel. Parent DT isn't willing to spend the money required to expand their coverage to be competitive with ATT/VZ/Sprint. Mainly because they have consistently had the lowest prices yet had nominal growth, along with losses.

TMo either needs someone who is willing to beef up the coverage area or someone like AT&T who already has an established network.


Bristol, RI
It's common knowledge that T-Mobile is spectrum short and that they were in talks with Clear and Lightsquared to lease or buy spectrum prior to the Deathstar swooping in with it's ridiculously high bid.

For AT&T to refarm T-Mobile spectrum for LTE they will have to move all of T-Mobiles customers to new phones or force them back to Edge speeds till LTE is available everywhere.

I can't see customers being happy with that.


T-Mobile accepted AT&T's bid to buy it in part because it doesn't have enough spectrum to build a 4G wireless network.


Baltimore, MD
All the spectrum in the world won't help TMo....to build the infrastructure you need cash. DT isn't putting a cent more in. They need someone who will spend the money.